Collection: Herbalist Certified Range

Our Herbalist Certified range has been formulated by a qualified Clinical Herbalist. Each blend is carefully designed with ease and herbal wellbeing in mind. 

One of the simplest, most accessible ways we can support our body’s health is through herbal tea. When we find a tea blend we enjoy, get excited to drink daily, and which contains the right things for our unique health - it’s an easy every-day winner!

That’s our hope for our NEW Herbalist Certified Range -that you can finally find something you do for your health everyday; something cheaper than a supplement, a step more than diet, and easy to stick with.

Blended and packed in-house by us here at Tea & Leaves! 

Read more about the benefits of these teas and our very own Herbalist Shannon

Herbalist Certified Range

"I am a humble tea merchant, pouring out the elixir of life to the world."

- Kakuzo Okakura