About Us

Tea & Leaves believes in more than just giving you tea and letting you leave; we believe tea can leave you with something more than what you came for! 

All puns aside, we are a small, independent tea shop with a big imagination. Our blends are always beyond basic, and we believe tea is a feeling.

Packed and blended on the beautiful Cornish Coast, we have something for everyone and are here for you to enjoy time and time again.

Our leaves (houseplants) are rejuvenated, re-loved, or rescued; we don’t buy in stock and prefer an ethos as heart-warming as our teas. To reflect this, all of our packaging is as eco and friendly as we are. 

So, who are we? 


Meet Barrie (Baz for short)


Founder and Owner of Tea & Leaves Newquay. My story is short but inspiring. Having spent 25 years getting up at 3am doing the same job for a local Cornish company, it was finally time for a career change. Lockdown also helped with my decision to change but ultimately, I didn’t want to live with an unbalanced work life anymore.

Tea is the great British favourite and being a Yorkshire man, I love Tea! We saw this as a great business opportunity, getting tea back into the forefront of people’s minds, especially as the coffee market has gone viral.

With great health benefits and 1000's of varieties, it was opportunity not to be missed. We believe in sustainable living and loose leaf tea offer this and put together with rejuvenated houseplants, it seemed like the perfect match and Tea & Leaves was born!


Meet Hannah

Co-founder of Tea & Leaves Newquay and owner of Pink Flamingo Ice Cream & WOW Swim Coaching. Yeah you guessed it, I love being busy and making people smile! 

For me, loose leaf tea offers you something different, yet familiar. It’s an experience from the moment you step inside the shop to brewing it and sitting down with that beautiful aroma and taste filling your senses. It’s a way of life for many where memories are made, and conversations are had.

I have a great love for nature and sustainability, in particular houseplants. They are like my babies and anyone who comes to the house will know it’s like stepping into the Eden Project. We don’t buy in stock, so many of the plants for sale are from my own stock or rescued and rejuvenated.


From blending to potting, we can not wait to see what the future holds for Tea & Leaves, so keep a lookout for us in a Cornish café and of course our flagship shop on the Killacourt in Newquay Cornwall.

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