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  • yerba mate south american drink
  • yerba mate south american drink
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Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate

The traditional beverage of South America and known for it's high caffeine content which is very stimulating and contains a number of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. The infusion starts off light with a fresh flavour. The longer you brew it for the stronger the infusion will become. A great coffee substitute without the caffeine crash!

Mate can be brewed like a traditional tea or left to continuously brew in a calabash (gourd) as they do in South America. 

Origin: Brazil
Ingredients: Yerba mate 
Antioxidant Level: Medium
Caffeine Content: High

Yerba mate or yerba-maté (pronounced "yur-ba mah-teh") is a plant species of the Holly Tree genus Ilex native to South America. It is the traditional beverage of Brazil, and is traditionally steeped in a hollow gourd and drunk through a metal straw (bombilla). 

Brewing: Always use freshly boiled water. The taste will vary depending on the amount of tea used and how long it is steeped. Longer = stronger. If left too long the tea may also turn bitter.

Allergen Information: We import our teas and ingredients from around the world. Some may have been prepared in an environment which handles nuts and other allergens. 
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