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  • teapot, infuser
  • teapot, infuser
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Glass Teapot 700ml


Crafted from borosilicate glass, this teapot offers far higher heat resistance than standard glass. The tapered bell shape offers the perfect environment in which to steep your tea. The heat of the liquid is focused as it rises up the chamber, creating a smooth convection current throughout the entire body of water to ensure an even temperature. The angled spout rises from the base of the teapot, ensuring the strongest flavour is poured first, while in turn letting the most diluted water mingle as the liquid passes through, ensuring a smoother, more consistent flavour throughout.

The transparent design allows you to witness the motion and colour of the brewing process first-hand - a great theatrical showpiece. The drinker can see first hand when the tea reaches the preferred level of intensity.

When the party's over, the infusion chamber can be removed for easy cleaning (hand wash recommended).


Made from Borosilicate Glass - Excellent heat resistance

Transparent Design - Contemporary styling; witness the brewing process in action

Stainless Steel Infuser - Perfect for all kinds of loose leaf, herbal and floral teas

Tapered Shape - Wide base with narrow top creates heat convection cycle for a well-balanced brew

Elegant Pourer Spout - Starts from the base; strongest tea pours first

Easy to Clean - Hand Wash recommended; infuser can be removed


  • Length: 205mm

  • Width: 130mm

  • Height: 110mm

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