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Flavoured Black Tea

Earl Grey Superior "Miss Grey"

Miss Grey is a twist on the traditional Earl Grey blend. With bergamot and extra orange blossoms, this blend offers a deep orange infusion with a delicious citrus flavour. Beautifully balanced and refreshing.

Origin: Sri Lanka
Ingredients: Ceylon black tea, Orange Blossoms, Natural Bergamot flavour.
Antioxidant Level: Medium
Caffeine Content: Medium

Brewing: Always use freshly boiled water. The taste will vary depending on the amount of tea used and how long it is steeped. Longer = stronger. If left too long the tea may also turn bitter.


Allergen Information: We import our teas and ingredients from around the world. Some may have been prepared in an environment which handles nuts and other allergens. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Andrew Stanson

This is a really subtle tea with a great flavour. I was waylaid with a phone call mid way through drinking it. I took a sip afterwards and it was just as good almost cold.

Rachel Green
No going back to bags

I love a lady Grey tea bag from the shops, it’s the go to tea when I want a black tea. I am never going back after this tea. This is a gentle black tea with a subtle flavour of orange. It’s easy to drink hot and if you get distracted, it’s still lovely cold.

Thank you for your review, we are glad that you are enjoying loose leaf tea :)