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Green Tea

Jasmine Flower

This beautiful jasmine green tea has been scented with fresh jasmine blossoms and contains extra dried jasmine flower petals. The infusion is light green with a delicate fragrant jasmine flavour and mild aroma.

Origin: China
Grade: Jasmine Grade 1
Ingredients: Green Tea, Jasmine blossom scent, Jasmine flower petals.
Antioxidant Level: High 
Caffeine Content: Low

About: Jasmine tea is widely drunk all over Asia as it is believed help to balance body heat, clear eyes, detox the liver, relax the body, improve circulation, lower cholesterol, improve digestion and fight off flu. With so many perceived health benefits and a great taste we can see why it’s so popular!

Brewing: Always use freshly boiled water. The taste will vary depending on the amount of tea used and how long it is steeped. Longer = stronger. If left too long the tea may also turn bitter.


Allergen Information: We import our teas and ingredients from around the world. Some may have been prepared in an environment which handles nuts and other allergens. 

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