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Loose Leaf Tea from Around the Globe

The best loose leaf teas UK supplier, with the most choices of leaf teas, is a specialist loose tea company called Tea & Leaves. Whether you drink black tea or white tea, Tea & Leaves has choices of loose-leaf tea to suit all tastes.

Tea & Leaves UK Shop

Tea & Leaves is an unrivalled loose leaf tea supplier based in Newquay, UK. We supply loose leaf tea locally from our shop in Newquay and to the rest of the world via our online shop. Here you can purchase our luxury tea which is from the best tea-growing regions on this planet.

British-owned Loose Leaf Tea Company

As an English-owned company, an English breakfast would not be the same without a nice cup of strong tea. What would you say is the most popular loose leaf tea English breakfast tea, let me tell you, as this may surprise a few people, it's black tea!

If you are one of these people using tea bags for your daily cuppa, let me tell you, you are missing out. Brewing teas for yourself or loved ones using loose tea leaves is a taste bud delight.

How to Make a Proper Cup of Tea

In this day and age, many people seem to of forgotten how to brew proper teas, using loose leaf tea. Before you begin you're going to need loose leaf tea, a kettle, a teapot and a tea strainer (all available in our online store)

  • Boil fresh water in a kettle, electric or gas

  • Warm the teapot with warm water

  • Place a measured amount of loose tea leaves into the teapot (rough guide, one teaspoon of loose leaf tea for every 6 ounces of water)

  • Pour the hot water into the teapot and leave it to "steep" which means brew.

  • Depending on how strong and flavoursome you like tea, 3 to 5 minutes

  • Pour into a teacup, using a tea strainer to catch loose tea leaves

  • For best-tasting results do not add milk, and drink black tea

Water Temperature Guidelines

These guidelines are more for tea connoisseurs who want to get the best flavours from loose tea.

  • Black Tea - 212 degrees

  • Green Tea - 180 degrees

  • Organic green tea - 175 to 185 degrees

  • Oolong Tea - 195 degrees

  • Chamomile tea - 212 degrees

  • Peppermint tea - 212 degrees

  • Raspberry leaf tea - 200 degrees

Loose Leaf Tea from the Best Tea Growers in the World

As avid tea drinkers ourselves, we decided to start a business to bring the best teas together from the best tea producers in the world.

As a suggestion, whenever you drink tea, try black tea, it can be an acquired taste, but black tea brings out the flavours.

Countries that Produce Loose Leaf Tea

Whilst you are sitting at home sipping on a lovely cup of Earl Grey tea, have you ever wondered which country produces the loose tea?

You might be surprised to read that China is the largest producer of loose leaf tea, supplying 40% of teas worldwide.

Other major producers of loose leaf tea are listed below in order.

  1. China - China produces white, green, yellow and oolong tea, Longjing green tea historically dates back centuries as the first green tea ever produced

  2. India - India produces the famous Assam tea, which is a black tea from the region of Assam in India. Chai tea is a Hindu tea produced by mixing spices to create a unique flavour

  3. Kenya - Kenya is the biggest supplier of black tea, due to Kenya's climate they can produce black tea all year round

  4. Sri Lanka - formerly known as Ceylon, is where Ceylon tea originates from.

Countries that drink the most Black Tea

Another amazing loose leaf tea drinker fact is, the country that drinks the most black tea is Turkey. Turkish people just love drinking black tea and have been doing it for many centuries.

Next on the list of top loose tea drinkers per capita is Ireland, the Irish just loves their teas. Followed closely by the United Kingdom. Although depending on which loose leaf tea survey you research different results pop up.

The Different Types of Loose Leaf Tea

Black tea & green tea are the most popular sellers, we think is because green tea & black tea people of have heard of. Same as Earl Grey, it's a name famous for tea but is Earl Grey the best choice when loose leaf tea is in the teapot?

  • Black tea - Also known as red tea in China, black tea is generally stronger in flavour and caffeine than other teas

  • Green tea - Green tea is renowned for being the healthiest of teas and has a much lower caffeine content than black tea

  • White tea - White tea derives its name not from adding milk but from the fine white hairs attached to the tea buds before harvesting.

  • Oolong tea - Oolong tea is produced and imported directly from China, made from loose leaf tea which has been sun-dried

  • Pu'erh tea - This popular specialist tea is made from the leaves of a tree called "wild old tree" with some leaf teas being left to ferment for up to 30 years.

Different Teas have Different Flavours

On our website, we have listed all the different loose leaf tea available and the flavours the loose tea produces. We hope this helps to pick loose tea more useful.

If you have any questions, talk to us, we are the green tea & black tea-loving experts.