The Best Loose Leaf Tea in Store or Online

The Best Tea is Loose Leaf Tea

For those of you who throw a tea bag into a cup, consider trying the best loose leaf tea. At Tea & Leaves, we guarantee after you try our varieties of loose leaf teas all your tea bags & powdered tea will be long forgotten.

Our Teas & Tea Leaves

Tea & Leaves is an independent supplier of blended teas and is renowned for selling the best loose leaf teas available online and in-store.

Whether customers want organic loose leaf tea or tea tasting similar. We have something for everybody's taste buds.

We source our products from the best producers on the planet, from India and China and blended at our Cornish headquarters in Newquay.

Wanna Cuppa Earl Grey?

Now we have whetted your taste buds, you must be dying for a cuppa. So which tea is the best, with this article we hope to shed some light on the topic.

Best Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags

Whatever tea brand where the tea is in the bags you choose to drink, is made from the dust of a tea leaf. There is just no comparison leaf tea stands head & shoulders above anything else. Leaf tea is always of better quality and offers more flavour than packaged teas.

English Breakfast Tea for the Best Cup of Tea of the Day

First thing in the morning what most people do, they stick the kettle on and make a brew. Drinking a cup of quality breakfast tea sets most people up for the day. It's not just the tea that gives us a boost, the benefits of tea are numerous.

Health Benefits of Leaf Tea

There are many documented benefits of drinking freshly brewed tea leaves. Whether peppermint, cinnamon or organic tea, all teas contain certain herbs beneficial to well-being.

  • Full of antioxidants reducing risks of heart disease

  • Increases functionality of your brain

  • Drinking tea encourages weight loss

Variety and Flavour

The common types of tea, are black, white, green purple, oolong, pu-erh and herbal infusion tea. All have a unique taste and all boost health & well-being benefits.

Which are the best tea brands?

  • Black tea is produced by crushing the leaf to enhance oxidation and has a stronger taste.

  • White tea gets its name due to being harvested whilst the buds are covered in white hair.

  • Oo-long tea contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids

  • Pu-erh tea is a unique fermented tea from China, it can be fermented for up to 30 years. Which gives additional benefits of microbes.

White or Black Tea?

White tea always seems to be the tea of choice, especially in the UK. Assam a region of India produces a tea plant that's rich and assertive and tastes good when mixed with whole dairy milk.

If it's tea without milk, try red tea which is grown in China and carries many health benefits.

Best Green Tea

Our Loose leaf green tea, undoubtedly makes the best tasting green teas and is touted as the healthiest tea. Green tea does not undergo oxidation whilst being processed, as the leaves are dried and rolled immediately after picking.

Best Herbal Tea & Fruit Infusion Tea

Loose leaf herbal tea and tea infused with fruits can be made from dried or fresh flowers, roots, seeds & fruits. This type of tea is mostly caffeine free offering many health benefits.

Wellness Collection of Tea Leaves

Tea & Leaves offers a collection of teas for well-being and health benefits which we have listed on our website.

If you suffer from any medical conditions we would recommend seeking advice from your local practitioner before ordering.

Get the teapot out!

No, you know which tea to purchase or maybe you want to try a few, do you have a teapot? If not we carry a range of teapots at our Newquay store or to purchase directly from our website.

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