Unique gifts for tea lovers

Unique gifts for tea lovers

Everybody has their unique tea ritual, right? 

There’s the friend who takes their tea strong, first thing in the morning; the one who takes their tea sweet in the evening after work; there’s the one whose herbal tea is their personality in the office, or the way they invite friends into their home; there’s the tea connoisseurs with their oolong and white; and the tea-for-health drinkers with their green and matcha and wellness blends; and then, of course, there’s the traditionalist with their trusty black tea.

Tea is such a foundation to most people’s lives, it’s sure to be a winning Christmas gift -hey, it beats soap, right? Here’s some of our shops' favourite creative and unique tea gift ideas for anyone in your life who drinks tea… 

Gift tea in a test-tube tea set 

First, for the medicinal tea lovers, here’s a truly nourishing experience; a set of handpicked teas presented in elegant glass test-tubes with a cork-stopper. 

There’s something more medicinal than the tea itself in the process of pouring your tea out from a glass test-tube; slowing down to choose which one you’ll need for that day, taking care to pour your chosen mix slowly, and waiting for it to gently steep before pausing for a sip. 

A unique tea-infuser travel bottle

Now, maybe you know a tea-drinker who drinks for the beauty and aesthetics of the experience; a crystal-based tea-infuser travel bottle is sure to secure a spot in their daily (needless to say, photographic) tea ritual. 

And, they can customise the aesthetic experience - the bottom chamber holding the crystals can be undone and, since the chamber is separate from the water, the crystals can be replaced with anything you like (perhaps even a loose leaf tea). 

It’s quite a magical experience, and we think this whimsical glass bottle pairs well with our evening herbal teas and infusions like the balmy evening calm, or simple sweet rose petals.   


A handmade ceramic tea mug 

Stop to think -have your best tea experiences coincided with drinking from a good mug? We’re not sure there’s official evidence here, but we know from personal experience and from you guys, that the mug matters. 

We’ve partnered with a local ceramicist to produce a selection of tea-perfect, fisherman mugs for that all-around considered experience. Each mug is hand painted, inspired by the local fishermen in our town! Wouldn’t these make a thoughtful gift idea paired with a favourite tea? 

A selection of our more unusual teas 

For more drinkable creative gifts that will bring a smile to your loved ones face, let’s look at a selection of our more unusual teas. 

A flowering tea

Let’s talk about finding gifts for that person in your life who loves something a bit unusual, creative and meaningful - what would they think of a flowering tea? 

This showy hand-sewn flower bundle is quite unassuming at first glance, but when steeped in hot water for up to 30 minutes, the flower reacts and unfolds, loosening the stitches and presenting itself, unfurling and blooming in a decadent display. The origins of blooming teas are uncertain, they might have been an invention from the displays in the royal courts of China, but they only became popular during the 1980’s and 2000’s. They’re a visual masterpiece, and a treasurable gift.  

Popcorn tea 

Our popcorn tea is a true classic with a fun twist; a pure Japanese sencha green base peppered with plain fire-popped rice for a unique nutty taste, and fairly ‘nutty’ experience. This one’s a great gift for the fun-lover. 

Oolong mint choc chip

A nostalgic experience for the kid at heart, our mint choc chip blend is formed on a base of milk oolong and layered with pure peppermint and cocoa pieces. Milk oolong actually contains milk, but the rest of its recipe and history is an entire mystery. Nobody truly knows how milk oolong is made, its producers keep its process entirely secret, we do know it is produced almost entirely by hand in the Fujian region. Some believe the leaves are steamed with milky-water just after they wither giving it its creamy, smooth, milky taste. 

Rooibos christmas advent

Another of our pudding-inspired teas; the christmas advent flavour features plump raisins with juicy apple pieces and a zest of lemon over a classic rooibos base. Cardamom, thistle flowers, and cornflowers dot the blend creating a vibrant blue, yellow, and dark red mix. It’s the ultimate, caffeine-free festive treat! 

Looking for something more traditional? 

Whilst we’ve focused on the quirky and creative in this blog post, we know and love the more traditional side of tea just as equally. 

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, check out our crafted ranges of black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, and pu’erh tea for a more grounded and classy tea gift idea.
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