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Eco Postie: Newquay's Sustainable Local Delivery Service

In today's fast-paced world, the demand for local delivery services has surged. Whether you're ordering groceries, a new gadget, or your favourite takeout, convenience is key. However, as our awareness of environmental issues grows, so does the desire for eco-friendly options.

We have teamed up with a local delivery service called Eco Postie that has emerged recently as a sustainable solution for residents and businesses.

In this blog, we will delve into what makes Eco Postie so unique and why it's the go-to choice for eco-conscious consumers in Newquay.


The Birth of Eco Postie

Eco Postie was born out of a simple yet impactful idea: to provide a reliable, local delivery service that prioritises sustainability. Founded by Steve in 2023, this service is evolving fast into a cornerstone of Newquay's sustainable ecosystem.

Sustainable Practices & Mission

What sets Eco Postie apart from conventional delivery services is its unwavering commitment to sustainable practices. Here's how they're making a difference:

  1. Eco-Friendly Vehicles: Eco Postie utilises electric cargo bikes for deliveries, reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution. These bicycles are perfect for navigating the narrow busy streets of Newquay.

  2. Packaging Solutions: From recycled cardboard boxes to biodegradable bubble wrap, they ensure that each delivery has a minimal environmental footprint.

  3. Local Partnerships: Eco Postie collaborates with local producers, grocers, and restaurants, which promotes the local economy and reduces the need for long-distance transportation.

  4. Zero-Carbon Footprint: Contributing to cleaner air in Newquay and a reduction in greenhouse gases.


Convenience Meets Sustainability

Eco Postie's commitment to sustainability doesn't come at the cost of convenience. They offer a user-friendly website for easy ordering, and their delivery times are competitive with other local services. 


"We've got a passion for sustaining the natural environment while helping local businesses grow and connect."

How you can make a difference?
All of our local customers will have the opportunity to select Eco local delivery at the checkout online. Your parcel will then be collected by the Eco Postie and delivered to your front door, by hand, within 24 hours.
You will then be able to sit and drink your tea guilt free and happy in the knowledge that you have contributed to a brighter future for us and the environment.

For more information about Steve and his amazing Eco Postie service, please visit


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