Detox tea? What does 'detox' mean?

Detox tea? What does 'detox' mean?

What does ‘detox’ mean? 

The term ‘detox’ is thrown around a lot, especially in relation to teas! But what do people actually mean when they say ‘tea-tox’ and ‘detox teas’? 

The way your body detoxes is a complicated process involving parts of your body like the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and skin. It’s this combination of things that clear out the waste from your body. Where does this waste come from? Sometimes from what we eat or drink, and from our environment, but sometimes they can be by-products from our own metabolism. All of these herbs and teas that note that they’re ‘detoxifying’ basically support one of the organs that get rid of the waste.  The ways that they support vary. 


How do teas help the body to detox? 

Teas that support detox tend to be full of polyphenols and flavonoids that provide your body with everything it needs to work well. They can also contain certain compounds that move waste through the lymphatic system, support liver function, and regulate inflammation and oxidation.

Dandelion tea 

If there’s one herbal tea we can all have on our shelves for some simple and easy support, and to help us feel fresh, it’s dandelion leaf! This common weed makes a rich tasting, earthy, and refreshingly subtle bitter taste. Research shows that dandelion leaves can balance your blood sugar, improve liver function, and support digestive function to keep things moving. 

Herbal detox tea 

Of course, we can’t forget to include our specially designed detox tea - it ticks all the boxes and packs it into one, sweet, simple serving. Nettle tops, South African rooibos, aromatic flowers of chamomile, nana mint leaves, fennel seeds, liquorice root pieces, a kick of ginger, deep green sage & fresh peppermint leaves. It’s a breath of fresh air from the inside and out. 

Nettle tops are like nature's mineral capsules -they’re packed with nutrients your body needs in order to operate detoxification systems. Iron, for example, supports liver in detoxing as iron supports the production of a liver enzyme called CP450. 

Put it this way - without the nutrients in nettle, your body won’t be detoxing efficiently, and you will be feeling it! Layering this is the fresh, cleansing breath of peppermint, nana mint, and fennel, making you feel clean and fresh inside. 

Green tea 

Would you be surprised to know that simple green tea out performs, or at least -comes out on par- with most of those ‘super-green’ ‘superfood’ expensive herb powders? Good quality green tea is bursting with beneficial probiotics that feed your gut bacteria and dark green emerald-y polyphenols that feed your detox pathways -and you can pick a cup up on the go, or keep a good quality one at home for a gentle, good-deed-for-your-body before you leave the house. 

The hangover tea

There are more *specific* times that you might need to feel detoxed… a hangover for example. Our hangover tea is specifically blended based on a traditional ‘bloody mary’ recipe, and packed with nutrients and polyphenols that support the detox pathways. Tomato, Ginger, Beetroot pieces, Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Black & White pepper, Clove, Nutmeg. Why does this recipe work? The red and purple vegetables in this mix deliver a beneficial dose of vitamins B and C which help the body to process toxins. They also carry electrolytes than can replenish what you lost during the night and through the alcohol. Some studies even show that the vegetables in bloody mary can boost liver function too! 


What should you look for in a detox tea? 

Look for dark green leaves such as nettle and dandelion leaf; roots such as dandelion, licorice  and burdock roots, and deep red or purple colours that indicate powerful polyphenols. Why not also look for something that tastes delicious? You’ll want to find a tea you look forward to sipping everyday so it can do its job! 

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