Cornwall Tea's

Cornwall Tea's

Cornwall’s history is inseparable from its tea-stained history, from the thriving docks of international trading ships to the infamous smuggling. 

As one of the first regions in England to have access to exotic goods, thanks to its bustling ports, Cornwall played a significant role in the import and popularisation of tea during the 17th and 18th centuries. The Cornish maritime economy, fueled by its strategic coastal location, facilitated the flow of tea from East Asia to Britain.

This flow also included Cornwall’s notorious smuggling history -the rugged cliffs, caves, and crannies along the coastline proving a prime location to hide tea and other precious spices, spirits, and stolen goods away from taxation. Smuggling, at the time, was seen as fairly acceptable practice and did not mark a man as ‘bad’, it was technically illegal, but punishment was not heavily enforced. 

One such ‘smuggling hot-spot’ happened to be in the caves dotted around Newquay coastline, in the ‘gazzle’ (Cornish for ‘armpit’) that extends from Towan beach to Little Fistral headland. 

It’s this particular area that we created our ‘Smugglers Cavern’ blend for .. 

Smugglers cavern 

Smugglers Cavern is an alluring, mysterious blend harmonising Black tea and Pu’erh black tea from gardens in India, China, and Sri Lanka. Each sip is dark, slightly smoky, mysterious, and reminiscent of the clandestine activities of smugglers who once stole tea leaves to Newquay's Tea Caverns.

Adventurous and rich, just like the spirit of Cornwall.

Pu’erh black tea is Pu'erh black tea is a fermented and aged variety of tea from China, known for its deep, earthy flavour and reputed health benefits, and it goes some way to adding the richness to this blend. 



Newquay brew

This rich, smooth, caramel-like flavoured black tea comes from the climate-friendly Cherideo Purbat Tea Estate in India. 

An estate known for its environmentally conscious production, it practises organic, biodynamic farming.

The full-bodied, strong teas of this estate come from the nourishment of the streams that quietly weave through the land, enriching both soil and tea bushes.

Since its acquisition by Darjeeling Organic Estates Pvt. Ltd. in 2015, the estate has committed to conserving water bodies and the environment, enhancing the region's microclimate. Their dedication to organic and biodynamic farming produces teas that align with our values and the shared ethos of our hometown, Newquay. This tea is a testament to both quality and environmental stewardship.

Ellie left a review to tell us it’s her Favourite Tea. It's comforting & warming, but with a lovely freshness. Every time I drink a cup, it reminds me of Cornwall. I never leave without buying a bag to keep me going until the next time I'm there”



Magic matcha 

Now, the smugglers of old likely weren’t smuggling matcha green tea powder, and its export today is entirely legal. 

Our ‘magic matcha’ is a collaboration between Japanese green tea matcha, and locally grown Cornish lion’s mane powder! 

Lion's mane is an adaptogenic medicinal mushroom renowned for its potential cognitive benefits and ability to regrow nerves. For thousands of years in Chinese Medicine, lion’s mane has been used specifically to support learning, memory, and neurological recovery -and it’s being grown right here in Cornwall! 

Pair these benefits with L-theanine-rich, cognitive enhancing matcha and you have a truly magic neurological blend!


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