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From our Cornish base in Newquay, we pack, blend and send loose leaf teas all over the world. At Tea & Leaves, we specialise in loose leaf tea varieties from all corners of our beautiful planet.

Loose Leaf Tea is making a comeback

Loose leaf tea is making a comeback, the general public has realised if they want a decent cup of tea, and loose leaf teas are the best. We not only run a successful tea shop, but we also run an online tea shop so everybody can enjoy the taste of loose leaf tea.

Taste the Flavours of our Loose Leaf Teas

We highly recommend visiting our tea shop in Newquay if you are in Cornwall. We are confident that you will place orders once you see our premium tea types and taste loose leaf tea.

We understand some people don't like the idea of loose tea leaves being in a cup. If you have drank only tea that's manufactured into tea bags. You just need to remember so as not to get loose tea in your mouth, is to not drain the teacup or use a tea strainer.

Loose Leaf Tea Accessories

We offer a variety of teapots, mugs and tea cups and tea caddies to store loose leaf tea. To stop tea leaves from going into a cup or mug, consider ordering a loose tea spoon diffuser or tea strainer.

Types of Loose Leaf Tea

We source loose teas from the world's major tea-growing counties, including China, India, Sri Lanka and Kenya. Below is a small selection of tea we have. For a more in-depth look at the loose leaf teas we have, please visit our website.

Organic Black Tea

Black tea is also known as red tea in China. Black tea is more flavoursome as during the process of making black tea the leaves are crushed to increase the oxidation. Black tea, which is also rich in antioxidants, has numerous health advantages, although they differ from those of another tea because of the oxidation process.

Green Tea

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and is renowned to be the healthiest loose leaf tea available. This type of tea is made from fresh loose leaf tea that has not undergone the oxidation process. Green loose leaf tea also benefits from a lower caffeine content

Speciality Teas

Fruit & Herbal Teas

Most of our fruit & herbal selection is caffeine free and are made from, seeds, leaves, roots and dried flowers. Herbal tea has known health benefits, although some herbal tea can have different effects. So caution must be taken when drinking a cup of herbal tea or fruit-infused tea.

Loose Leaf Tea for Wellness

We offer 28 different types of loose tea that can help with a positive and healthy mind and well-being. We recommend that if you do suffer from any medical conditions contact your doctor before placing orders.

Visit our Online Store to see our Full Selection of Loose Leaf Teas

We offer a huge selection of different loose tea, all available to select and order from our website. We accept orders for our luxury tea as singular orders or as a loose tea bundle pack.

Eco-Packed Loose Leaf Tea Orders

All loose leaf tea orders are shipped worldwide using eco-friendly packaging. At Tea & Leaves, we are an eco-friendly-focused company that believes in sustainable living. Loose leaf tea is a sustainable product and to help our planet more. All loose leaf tea orders are shipped worldwide using only eco-friendly packaging.

We look forward to your orders and share the same passion and enthusiasm for drinking a cup of proper tea.