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We are the greatest quality real teas & herbal UK suppliers, offering herbal medicines and remedies with the best teas available. Our products can be purchased online or by visiting our shop in Newquay, Cornwall. Whilst many people are taking tablets for well-being, most will not know about herbal medicines & herbal remedies that promote well-being in a much better way.

Learn about Natural Medicines and the use of Herbal Ingredients

Is it time for you to ditch taking health tablets and learn more about the natural benefits of herbs and our traditional herbal medicinal products, then please read on.

The Traditional Herbal Registration Scheme

This scheme in the UK plays a crucial role in ensuring that traditional herbal medicines meet safety standards, quality, and efficacy. By providing consumers with access to regulated and reliable goods, it contributes to the responsible use of traditional herbal remedies while protecting public health.

At Tea & Leaves, we recommend to all our clients before taking any worldwide or Western herbs to check with your local doctor or herbal practitioner. Caution must be taken when drinking herbal teas or taking herbal medicine. As they can carry risks if you have any underlying health problems.

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At Tea & Leaves, we specialize in herbal teas, offering a wide range of herbs and real herbal remedies. We also offer a wide variety of loose-leaf herbal teas. All teas are made with natural ingredients and are free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. At Tea & Leaves, you can purchase the latest equipment, so you can brew your herbal teas at home, and the perfect herbal product for any occasion.

If you are in the Newquay area, why not pop into our store and have a chat with us? We are very knowledgeable when it comes to herbal medicines & herbal remedies and interesting facts about tea.

Types of Herbs & Herbal Medicine

Herbal infusions have a somewhat medical reputation as medicines because they use herbs with established health advantages. The effects of new herbal teas should always be taken into consideration, though, as they vary from person to person.

Herbal tinctures have been used for centuries as medicines. They are believed to be helpful for a variety of health conditions, including anxiety, depression, pain, and inflammation.

Positive Health & Well-Being of your Mind, Body & Soul

We support and believe in the powers of our different teas for positive health & well-being. Herbal prescriptions are formulated by selecting specific herbs with therapeutic effects and considering factors like the patient's condition

An herbal apothecary is where people can find a wide range of herbal medications and naturally produced items. Staffed by knowledgeable professionals, it serves as a resource for herbal information and offers goods that promote holistic health and wellness.

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